We are available to authorize prescription renewals for our patients when appropriate.



  1. Call your pharmacy 4-5 days before you run out. If you use a mail order (3 month supply) service (ie. Express-Scripts, RX Solutions), contact them at least 1-2 weeks prior.
  2. Ask your pharmacist to send us a prescription refill request by fax. Once received by us, your physician may authorize a refill, if appropriate.
  3. If you have not been seen by your physician recently, refills may be denied, especially if you have high blood pressure or diabetes. Blood tests and physical may be advised.
  4. Please allow 72 business hours for responses to all refill requests.

We do not refill any controlled substance medication without an office visit. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


The issue of "medication refills" is often a sensitive one for patients. When people visit the office for a medication refill, it's really a follow-up on the medical condition, and intended with our patient's best interest in mind. A prescription medication is one that has the potential for complications and we believe the prescriber has a responsibility to supervise the patient.  As such, we ask that you schedule an appointment to have your prescriptions filled. In some cases, we deem there to be too much risk to approve refills without seeing you first. This can even be true of maintenance medicine.

At your scheduled office visit, Dr. Kashani will discuss appropriate monitoring intervals for your medications, and will make sure you have enough refills until the next planned office visit.

When your medicine bottle shows: "No refills remain" or "Contact your physician for a refill," these should serve as a reminder that you need to come in and be seen.

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