Dr. Kashani Family Medicine and Urgent Care is located near DTLA. He works with the largest law firms in Los Angeles and has extensive background in working in the Emergency Room--He is qualified to handle most types of injuries.

We Offer:

--Initial comprehensive evaluations and ordering of appropriate testing for the injured patient.  

--Evaluation of pregnant patients injured with musculoskeletal ultrasound in-house (performed by outside company)

--Evaluation of chest pains and abdominal pains following an accident.

--Medical clearance examinations including initial cardiac work up if necessary. We can have the reports ready as early as 1 day in uncomplicated patients.

--Basic in-house physical therapy consisting of massage, electric stimulation, hot pack and/or ultrasound modalities.

--Wound care including suture removal and skin infections management

--Trigger point and joint injections

After an accident you may experience any of the following symptoms:

Neurological: Dizziness, Headaches, Numbness, Muscle Weakness, Tingling sensation

Musculoskeletal: Back Pain, Broken Bones, Leg Pain, Neck pain, Contusions, Shoulder Pain, Soreness, Sprains

Strains, Spasms, Tension, Whiplash

Psychological: Depression, Anxiety, Recurrent flashbacks, Insomnia, Panic Attack

Dermatological: Lacerations, Scarring, etc

intake forms

Please print out, complete prior to your visit and bring to your visit.

Accident Case Complete forms (pdf)


Intake forms (spanish)

Accident Case Complete forms (Spanish) (pdf)


Refferal forms (For law firm use only)

Attorney Referral Form (pdf)


Medical clearance form